Not inflict with fingers

Does not leave trace

Vanilla flavor

A unique application for the effective treatment of Herpes

A new solution for the treatment of oral herpes,  available without prescription in all pharmacies.

Before use please read leaflet.

About risks and side effects, contact your doctor or pharmacist


A new solution for the treatment of oral herpes, without a prescription.

Available in all pharmacies.

Thanks  to its shape, provides unique application, where hands do not come in contact with the face.Used for infections of the lips and face caused by Herpes simplex virus, in adults and children.

Intended for topical use.

Viranti does not leave white traces on the lips.

Use five times a day.

You should apply on lesion, or on threating lesion  as soon as possible  and if possible  during the early stages.

Treatment can also begin in the later stages (papules or vesicles).

Treatment should last four days.

If necessary the treatment can be continue up to 10 days , after that contact your doctor.

Viranti is allowed only for use on the infection on the lips and the face.

Avoid unnecessary friction of the lesions or touching with a towel.

Available in all pharmacies.

Before use please read leaflet and  about the risks and side effects, contact your doctor or pharmacist

For more detailed information please read leaflet.



Download the leaflet for the cure.

Stick for the skin of 3g contains 150mg acyclovir, and 1g stick for the skin contains 50mg acyclovir.



Acyclovir is antivirus agens which is highly active in vitro against virus herpes simplex (HSV) type 1 and 2.

Acyclovir acts as an inhibitor  and as subsrate for herpes simple specific DNS synthesis without affecting on normal cellular processes.

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is the main cause of herpes.

HSV is transmitted by direct contact.

Some people have no symptoms of infection, while others develop lesions on the place where the virus entered the body.

Incurred formations, moving into the bubbles, causing itching and pain and eventually heal.

At most people the symptoms are shown several times a year.
Drugs that affect viruses, can reduce the frequency and intensity of syptoms.


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